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Microsoft 365 Security Management

Learn about Microsoft 365 Security Management, including how to manage your security metrics, how to enable Azure AD Identity Protection, how to configure your Microsoft 365 security services, and user Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence.

Course Overview

Microsoft 365 Security Management focuses on how to manage your security metrics, how to enable Azure AD Identity Protection, how to configure your Microsoft 365 security services, and user Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence. The course begins by examining how to manage your security metrics. This begins by building a foundational understanding of the threat landscape that faces organizations today. The course introduces you to phishing, spoofing, spam and malware, account breaches, elevation of privileges, data exfiltration, data deletion, data spillage, and more. You will then be introduced to various security solutions that can address these threats, including Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence, and Advanced Security Management. The course then takes a deep dive into Azure AD Identity Protection, including how to enable it, how to configure it to detect vulnerabilities and risk events, and how to plan your investigation

The course then conducts a detailed analysis of these solutions, starting with Exchange Online Protection (EOP). You will learn how EOP enables you to configure the anti-malware pipeline in Microsoft 365, as well as phishing and spoofing protection, zero-hour purge, and spoofing intelligence. The course then transitions to Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), where it examines how ATP expands on the protections provided by Exchange Online Protection by using its Safe Attachments and Safe Links features. The course then identifies a variety of reports that are available to monitor your security status.

The course concludes with an extensive examination of Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence. Since Microsoft 365 hosts one of the largest networks in the world and manages content created on millions of devices, Microsoft has been able to build a vast repository of threat intelligence data, as well as the systems needed to spot patterns that correspond to attack behaviors and suspicious activity. Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence is a collection of these insights, which can help organizations proactively find and eliminate threats. As such, the course examines how to plan for and implement Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence. This includes using the Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph, the Security Dashboard, Threat Explorer, and Advanced Threat Analytics.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Manage Security Metrics
  • Implement security solutions in Microsoft 365
  • Plan and configure Azure AD identity protection
  • Implement Microsoft Secure Score
  • Implement Exchange Online Protection
  • Implement Advanced Threat Protection
  • Manage Safe Attachments and Safe Links
  • Implement Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence
  • Use the Microsoft 365 Security Dashboard
  • Configure Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Implement cloud application security


  • This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role and have completed one of the Microsoft 365 work load administrator certification paths.

Course Staff

 George Schweigert

George Schweigert

Software Engineer


George Schweigert is a Software Engineer with Microsoft Worldwide Learning where he manages both the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator and Microsoft Exchange 2019 tracks. George has over 14 years of experience in the IT field in both the private and military sectors. He transitioned from his role in the military as an IT Admin to becoming a Customer Support Engineer supporting Office 365 small to mid-size businesses. Prior to joining Microsoft, George was an Exchange Escalations Engineer for Premier Enterprises with a minimum base of 10,000 users.

 Tony Frink

Tony Frink

Senior Content Development Manager


Tony Frink is a 36-year veteran of the IT industry, with a background in ERP technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft 365. He spent the first 18 years of his career in ERP software development and professional services management. He has spent the past 18 years with Microsoft and is currently a Senior Content Development Manager on the Cloud Productivity team at Microsoft Worldwide Learning. He is responsible for developing training content for Microsoft 365 and related Office products.