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DevOps for Mobile Apps

This course will cover how to build, test, and deploy mobile apps in a DevOps environment using Visual Studio App Center (VSAC)

About this course

This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in DevOps

Build, test, and deploy mobile apps in a DevOps environment using Visual Studio App Center (VSAC). In this course you will learn how to set up and manage multiple applications, organizations, testers, and teams using App Center Build, App Center Test, and App Center Distribute.

DevOps practices using VSAC help development teams keep builds and releases organized as they are distributed to collaborators, teams of testers, customer beta testers, all the way into app stores like Google Play and iTunes. This course covers the automation of time-consuming tasks such as builds and build signing within a streamlined workflow. Learn how to test on multiple physical devices by creating device sets and choosing from over twenty-five hundred devices and over four hundred configurations of iOS and Android versions


  • Basic knowledge of application development process and practices
  • Basic understanding of mobile app development on iOS and/or Android platforms
  • Understanding of general DevOps practices

What you'll learn

  • How to sign up and get started with Visual Studio App Center (VSAC)
  • How to connect to repositories and build applications in VSAC
  • How to test applications using VSAC
  • How to build and deploy applications using VSAC

Course Syllabus

  • Module 0: Course Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Scope
    • Prerequisites
    • Overview of Hands-on labs
    • Pre-course Survey
  • Module 1: Intro to Visual Studio App Center (VSAC)
    • What is Visual Studio App Center (VSAC)
    • Manage Apps
    • Manage Organizations
    • Lab: Getting Started
    • Module Review Questions
  • Module 2: Building Apps with VSAC
    • Overview
    • Configure a Build
    • Sign a Build
    • Test App on Real Device
    • Lab: Connect, Configure, and Test a Build
    • Module Review Questions
  • Module 3: Testing Apps with VSAC
    • Overview
    • Getting Started
    • Prepare Tests for Upload
    • Submit Tests
    • Review Test Results
    • Lab: Create Tests and Run on Devices
    • Module Review Questions
  • Module 4: Distributing Apps with VSAC
    • Overview
    • Release a Build
    • Manage/Distribution Groups
    • Install a Build
    • Distribute to Stores
    • Lab: Distribute
    • Module Review Questions
    • ourse Ending
  • Final Exam
  • Post Course Survey

Meet the instructors

Eamonn Kelly

Eamonn Kelly

Content Developer Microsoft

Eamonn is a Content Developer for Microsoft with 15+ years as an IT Professional both within and outside of Microsoft. Eamonn has worked in areas such as product development, localization and content development primarily on client and server systems.

Samantha Lindsey-Ahmed

Samantha Lindsey-Ahmed

Senior Content Developer Microsoft

Samantha is a Senior Content Developer for Microsoft, with experience in developer documentation (protocols) and certification exams.

Dan Hermes

Dan Hermes

Microsoft MVP Microsoft

Dan Hermes is a Xamarin and Microsoft MVP, software consultant, and founder of Lexicon Systems, an award-winning Xamarin and .NET consulting firm. Mr. Hermes helps developers create great mobile apps and helps businesses develop a winning mobile strategy. His firm's recent Xamarin projects include an app for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) called B4UFLY to help recreational drone users fly safely. Another project served a user base of 50,000 orthopedic surgeons to facilitate their medical certification process. Lexicon also built a cross-platform app for Thermo Fisher Scientific which won a W3, a Davey award, and was a finalist for a Xammy award. Mr. Hermes' clientele includes dozens of software-building firms such as Fidelity Investments, EDS, and Computerworld Magazine. He speaks at conferences and teaches software development at colleges, developer user groups, and corporate training centers.

Dan is the author of the Apress book Xamarin Mobile Application Development.